Web Content Strategy Best Practices


B-to-B audiences increasingly depend on Web experiences to support their purchasing research and post-sale customer experiences. Unfortunately, too many b-to-b organizations are failing to deliver content or context that satisfies audience expectations and drives business impact.

Come, join us for this presentation on how to transform your b-to-b Website into a modern, audience-centric, content-fueled home base for your company’s digital presence. Read more

Roundtable: Marketing Organization of the Future


The number of marketing tools and technologies is exploding, and it is both good news and bad news for marketers. Those who can harness the technology can leverage it as a source of competitive advantage. Marketers without a clear strategy and plan run the risk of sub-optimizing their investments and their teams. But where to start? Read more

Recap: Roundtable: Becoming a better B2B brand


After a casual thirty minutes of networking with peers over seasonally selected wines including Cava and Rose, and artisan appetizers, Randall Hull led an interactive discussion around "Becoming a Better B2B Brand".  The group learned about the value of brand for B2B and talked about some of their favorite brands and why we're drawn to them.  For example, Read more

Roundtable: Becoming a Better B2B Brand



Branding is all around us. What marketer can't relate to these slogans Read more

NorCal BMA Summer Mixer 2016


You know how it goes ...

All work and no play makes B2B marketers miss deadlines!

At NorCal BMA, we have the tradition of helping you catch some R&R in the summer months. Our recipe for 2016 is relaxation in July and rest in August!

We had so much fun last year during our summer mixer, we are returning to Read more

BMA Norcal Successes 2015-2016


2015 – 2016

Fastest Growing BMA Chapter

BMA NorCal Event Registrations

Total 873 event registrations
Read more

Recap: Customer Experience Marketing


Lisa Nakano, Research Director at Sirius Decisions, addressed a NorCal audience on Customer Experience Marketing.

Starting with an understanding of what the term might mean, she went on to provide great insights into how companies can use customer experience in earning customer advocacy, the ultimate pay back for making this effort.
Read more

Roundtable: Big Data Analytics is Kind of a Big Deal


Big Data is here to stay.

IDC estimates the big data analytics market was worth $122B in 2015 and expected to grow to worth of $187B in 2019.

So, the question is not whether to deal with Big Data. It is how to deal with it.

For example, is there a magic Big Data Analytics tool that does it all? Do I need to hire data scientists, data architects, data analysts, database administrators, database programmers? Read more

Customer Experience Marketing


What marketer doesn't understand the value of customer testimonials?

Of customer success stories, also known as case studies?

Of referrals from happy customers?

We understand the value of customer loyalty in generating repeat sales, but more powerful is the ability of the satisfied customer to leverage future sales to other prospects.
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Recap: Roundtable: 5 Steps to Successful Content Marketing for B2B Leads


We had another sell-out crowd! Our May event in the new and improved roundtable series followed right on the heels of our sell-out April opener.

Sarah Autrand led us through the nuances of content marketing as everyone Read more