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Recap: ANA/BMA Members-only Event


The New Era of B2B Marketing If you were lucky enough to attend our members-only event at Microsoft, you were in for one the most provocative, inspiring and impactful line-up of thought-leaders and topics the BMA has ever had. A bold statement? Yes. Hyperbolic? Not at all. Over the course of the morning in Mountain View, […]

Recap: Being Heard – How B2B Marketers Can Get Above the Noise in the Marketplace


It was November 1923. Bandleader Paul Whiteman asked composer George Gershwin to create a concerto-like piece for an experimental jazz concert he was planning.   The event program was quite long that night and the ventilation system broke.  It was hot, the audience uncomfortable, and many of the pieces sounded similar. Gershwin’s new composition was second […]

Recap: The Power of Gamification to Create Engaged and Inspired Customers


We saw all the die-hard B2B marketers at the August monthly meeting – still working hard while everyone else is on vacation.  You missed a good one but here are some highlights from Rick’s presentation which was thought provoking indeed: Gamification has been with us for some time but was traditionally used in sales.  Today, […]