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"Out of the 10000 or so reports we looked at, 3500 had never been accessed. Not once!" exclaimed Theresa Kushner.

Theresa and her team were working on a project to create an Enterprise Data Warehouse that included previously generated marketing reports. 35% of those reports had never been opened!

Now, why would that be?

Theresa will address this in her upcoming talk.

Managing data and gleaning proper insights from it is crucial. But that is becoming harder by the minute as the size of data keeps growing.

The Big Data Challenge

Big Data is real. We have known this for a while now.

A 2011 study by IBM addressed data explosion as a trend to watch. tracks information creation on the Internet. Their data over the years shows huge increases in every facet of information creation. The number of tweets, sent each minute of the day, is a good illustration of this trend: We had 100,000 in June 2012. It rose to 277,000 in April 2014; and stands at 347,222 in August 2015!

The growth rate is pretty steady and there is no end in sight.

domoThe infographic on the right gives the picture of various channels of data creation as of 2015.

Admittedly, this captures the overall picture that includes consumer data, but business data is going through similar explosion.

"As Big Data risks becoming too big to be useful, look for 2016 to be the year of Small Data as companies and individuals realize that much of what they collect isn't being used. Turns out analysis of relatively small datasets can help companies understand and solve critical business problems that are a subset of the Big Data picture," writes Beverly Macy of UCLA Anderson School of Management.

With Big Data, you are looking for a needle in the haystack when you try to isolate the good data. But the problem of bad data is not limited to Big Data.

The Bad Data Challenge

B2B data collection endures special challenges, be it big or small data. Some of it arise from crappy data entered by people who want to withhold information.

If you have worked with form data, you have seen it.


More than the blatantly fake data like these - usually gathered through website collection points - some data are just hard to come by. Absence of important data is somewhat like bad data.

We are talking about fields like actual titles, job functions, buying roles, etc.

Daunting as these challenges seem, help is on the way. Theresa Kushner, co-author of two books on data-driven marketing in the B2B marketplace, will be speaking to NorCal BMA audience with tips and tricks for rising above these challenges and putting in place an effective data analytics plan.

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How to plan your data analytics

Kushner, VP of Enterprise Information Management at VMware, is passionate about extracting marketing value from data, big or small. She will be talking to us about the complete data management cycle, from acquisition through organization, analysis, and ultimately extraction of insights for decision making.

From her hour-long talk, you will have an understanding of what data you really need, how you evaluate which data is most important, what kind of environment you need, and where you start to extract insights.

Sneak preview of specific topics Theresa will discuss:

  • How B2B database marketing is more difficult than B2C
  • 4 steps to strategic, cost-effective data acquisition
  • B2B data sourcing challenges
  • Next generation data architecture
  • Data lakes
  • 6 B2B data-driven techniques for applying data to marketing
  • How central data analytics is to marketing
  • Propensity-to-buy models
  • and more ...

She will bring these points to life with a sprinkling of case histories throughout the presentation.

If you are interested in data analytics and data-driven marketing, don't miss this opportunity!

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Data Insights for Marketers

by Theresa Kushner

Thursday, January 14, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (PST)

Microsoft Sunnyvale
1020 Enterprise Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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Theresa Kushner, Vice President of Enterprise Information Management at VMware, specializes in extracting marketing value from data, big or small.

She finds her passion for harnessing data growing just as data gets bigger. Her crusade is against BAD DATA, the bane of marketers.

A 20+ year veteran in the field, Theresa Kushner joined VMware in 2012. She grew VMware's data capability starting with data governance and master data management, expanding to business intelligence and advanced analytics. Her team was recognized by The Data Warehousing Institute for Best Enterprise Business Intelligence in 2015. At VMware, Theresa helped launch the company’s women’s initiative, VMwomen.

Before joining VMware, Theresa was Senior Director of Customer Intelligence at Cisco Systems. She joined Cisco in 2006 from IBM in Armonk, NY. At IBM and Cisco she managed similar functions responsible for increasing market share, driving revenue and applying insights from company data both in the U.S. and Europe.

Kevin Bolden (VP and Global Head of Marketing Insights and Analytics at HP) says, "[As Senior Director, Customer Intelligence at Cisco], Theresa has done a fantastic job - her understanding of the domain, the information, and the business process has been fantastic."

Bryan Maach (Managing Director, Career Solutions at ACT) observes, "Theresa’s unwavering demonstration of integrity, dedication, and excellence truly inspires others around her to do their very best."

Maria Villar (Global VP, Data management & Governance, SAP) offers, "Theresa is an expert in direct marketing, customer intelligence and data management."

Theresa and Maria Villar co-authored the book “Managing Your Business Data from Chaos to Confidence,” published in 2006.

Theresa has co-authored with Ruth Stevens the book “B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results,” just released in June 2015.