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Building an Impactful Video Marketing Strategy

30 SEPTEMBER 2019, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. Video has become an increasingly dominant piece of the marketing mix. In fact, research from Google found that “70% of B2B buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout the buyer’s journey.” Eric and his team at Oracle set out to define a cohesive, strategic approach to maximizing the effectiveness of video at every part of the buyer's journey. Eric will share insights from the process and tips for getting started on a video strategy. What you'll learn in this session:

BrightTALK Local, Silicon Valley

18-JUNE-2019, PARTNER EVENT, OPAL EVENT CENTER, 251 CASTRO STREET, SUITE B, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. Join BrightTALK’s CMO David Pitta and local marketing visionaries as they set the stage for an evening of conversations on content and demand marketing. Their presentation will be surrounded by time to chat with other innovative marketers over food and drinks and will cover: --Working closely and effectively with content marketers
-- Making the most of data in an increasingly regulated world
-- Structuring and building a modern marketing team
-- Blending digital with in-person events to drive demand
-- What makes Silicon Valley such a special place to be a marketer

Designing the Customer Journey through ABM

10 JUNE 2019, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. Figuring out if ABM is right for your business is one thing. However, implementing a strategy to deliver that customized personal sales experience is priceless. From tools and tactics to ROI, we’ll chat about implementation, tactics, and what you should measure and when to get the best impact for your program.

CX Uncontained — How Customer Experience Drives Hyper-Growth

28 FEBRUARY 2019, SPEAKER EVENT, DETATI DIGITAL MARKETING, 265 CASPIAN DR., SUNNYVALE. While many sectors of the $7 trillion global logistics industry have been modernized over the past 20 years, the freight forwarding market has significantly lagged behind. Freight forwarding functions as the circulatory system for global trade and is vital for the health of the global economy, but today it still largely runs on paper and fax.

Flexport, the modern freight forwarder, has led the transformation and digitization of this industry and has become one of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area and the U.S. (currently ranked #8 on the Inc. 5000).

Funnel Optimization

28 JANUARY 2019, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. B2B marketing is maturing from being focused just on awareness and lead generation to taking responsibility for optimizing each stage of the funnel. But we need to bring an honest understanding of the buyer’s experience to know what to improve and to get alignment with sales. And that means stepping out from behind the algorithm and getting our hands dirty understanding how the humans are wending their way through the buying journey.

Breaking through with your CFO

10 DECEMBER 2018, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. In the constant battle for budget and freedom to experiment with new and exciting branding or demand gen tactics, you must have the CFO in your corner or face a never-ending battle of red tape and obstruction. Contrary to common thought, your CFO can and should be a marketing advocate…once you start speaking the same language.

Join us to learn how:
1. CFOs can make or break your success as a Marketer
2. How to align with the objectives of your CFO when all of your metrics aren’t quantitative
3. How to turn your CFO into a marketing advocate

Closed-Loop Customer Discovery: Where Demand Gen, Research and Thought Leadership Converge

OCTOBER 11, 2018, DETATI DIGITAL MARKETING, 265 CASPIAN DRIVE, SUNNYVALE, CA 94087. Major companies in Silicon Valley such as Symantec and SAP have been applying the concepts of Closed-Loop Customer Discovery (CLCD) to build funnels, conduct market research for products, and uncover new trends. Learn how these companies generated executive engagement and how it has fundamentally benefited their business processes. In this panel event, you will learn: What is a Closed-Loop Customer Discovery Center? What are the maturity levels?

Crossing the Chasm between Marketing and Sales: Actualizing GTM Strategy into Sales Execution

30 JULY 2018, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. When marketing builds a strategy that captures customer value, sales enablement can build a complementary deployment and adoption strategy that will most effectively amplify the marketing plan. Tobias and Hang have successfully partnered at two markets to build a go-to-market plan with Chasm philosophy and seamlessly hand-off to sales for adoption.

Outsourcing Marketing Executives in the Gig Economy

25 JUNE 2018, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. The gig economy has arrived. Ushered in after the 2008 downturn that had shaken up the world economy, it is projected to result in 40% of the workforce not holding full-time employment by the year 2020. Come and learn how you can find success in this new world economy as a consultant, tips and tricks of most successful consultants, and more.