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Outsourcing Marketing Executives in the Gig Economy

Happy Hour Roundtable, June 25, 2018; 6:00–8:00 PM
Outsourcing Marketing Executives in the Gig Economy
Speaker: Karin Vogel, Electric Imp
Panelist: Shandy Dunn, Connext
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The gig economy has arrived. It's where organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements as opposed to hiring as full-time employees.

Karin Vogel, who has held senior marketing roles at several of the world's top technology brands that include Brocade, Intel, Logitech, Seagate, and Apple will be leading the discussion on this new phenomenon. She is perfectly qualified: she has been on both sides of the fence, repeatedly.

You might counter that this phenomenon is not new and had always existed, even when full-time employment was the mainstay—through the 1980's.

The difference is the scale. The fraction of workforce that chooses consultancy. And the permeability that allows switching back and forth between these modes of work.

Early 1990s saw massive layoffs by IBM and a downturn in available full-time employment. This started the trend of people looking for short-term employment, or gigs, aligned with short-term projects. However, the trend toward a gig economy really took hold only after the 2008 downturn. It wasn't until Uber introduced the idea of contracted workers as their mainstream employment model in 2009 that this concept saw acceleration.

A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers would be independent contractors. Today, approximately 150 million workers in North America and Western Europe have left the relatively stable confines of organizational life — sometimes by choice, sometimes not — to work as independent contractors. Some of this growth reflects the emergence of ride-hailing and task-oriented service platforms, but a recent report by McKinsey identified specific industries and occupations as the largest and fastest-growing segments of the gig economy.

With the gig economy in place, now executives are for hire for short term engagement to set strategy for organizations.

Our roundtable provides you the opportunity to explore this phenomenon from the perspectives of three distinct persona: the consultant, the organization that hires consultants, and the agency that specializes in placing consultants into such organizations. Our speaker, Karin Vogel of Electric Imp, is able to address concerns with two of these perspectives while the panelist, Shandy Dunn of Connext will cover the agency perspective.

Come to this session and learn:

  • How you can find success in this new world economy as a consultant
  • How to leverage consultants to drive your marketing strategy
  • How this impacts your organization and your career
  • About the fastest growing segments of the gig economy
  • Tips and tricks of most successful consultants
  • Some real-life data including rates commanded by consultants and how they compare to compensation for full-time employment
  • Effects of ageism on consultants

and more.

The setting

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There is ample time to network both before and after the presentation and discussion.

For this roundtable, we return to Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop at the Mountain View CalTrain station.

It is customary to have sell-out crowds for our roundtable events. Our current happy hour series started in April 2016 and is going strong. Don't miss out, make sure you secure your seat!

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Outsourcing Marketing Executives in the Gig Economy

by Karin Vogel & Shandy Dunn

Monday, June 25, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT)

Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop
50 W Evelyn Ave, Mountain View, CA

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Karin Vogel is currently Head of Marketing at Electric Imp, a high-growth Internet of Things (IoT), Silicon Valley company specializing in securely connecting devices in the cloud.

Karin's experience includes senior marketing roles at the world's top technology brands Brocade, Intel, Logitech, Seagate, and Apple, as well as growth phase brands iCrypto, ZL Technolgies, and several more.

Karin is qualified to present two of the three perspectives affecting the trade-offs between consultancy and full-time employment—the main point of discussion at the roundtable. She has been a consultant as well as a full-time employee who has hired consultants. Moreover, Karin has made the transition back and forth, demonstrating the permeability between these modes in current day economy.

Karin has garnered consistent accolades both as a consultant and as a full-time employee. She has been cited by multiple colleagues for her vision, leadership, ability to build inspired teams, and production of amazing results.


Shandy Dunn is the President of Connext, a Silicon Valley marketing and communications agency. Her company supports hundreds of technology clients with specialized consultants, from recent grads to senior strategists. She is passionate about empowering corporate marketers, consultants and clients alike, to be wildly successful at work and live a life they love.

Shandy was born and grew up in Hong Kong and started her career in the hospitality industry. She built a company providing contractor compliance to the tech industry, dabbled in executive recruiting, and eventually found her true calling at Connext in marketing and communications.

Shandy is enthralled with the new dynamics of an incredibly fast-changing workforce. She loves the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor and seeks to surround herself with people who embody the growth mindset.

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Karin Vogel & Shandy Dunn on
Outsourcing Marketing Executives in the Gig Economy
June 25, 2018, 6:00-8:00 PM
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop
50 W Evelyn Avene, Mountain View, CA