Recap: Roundtable: Becoming the Influential 1% on Social


The evening was under way on a cloudless, warm, and beautiful day at the historic Mountain View Train Depot that houses Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop.

As the full house of attendees started to assemble slowly but steadily, there was ample opportunity to greet familiar faces and mingle with fellow marketers interested in learning to extract the most out of Social Media.

Richard Bliss who manages Executive Social Strategy at NetApp, featured speaker for the evening, had plenty of time to get to know the crowd.

As everyone got their share of wine and snacks, it was time to start the show. After introducing the landscape of the social media channels, Richard really got down to the subtleties of Twitter. Everyone learned something new, including Richard, as some audience members had answers for some of the super-specific questions raised on the floor.

Next on the list was LinkedIn which was discussed in the same manner. The evening ended with a post-talk networking segment that gave an opportunity to make additional contacts among fellow professionals.

Members have access to the slide deck that Richard used for his presentation.If you are interested in membership, please check into the details here.

This slideshow captures the ambience at the roundtable and gives you a sense of the interactive nature of the evening. Note that for getting the full benefit of the roundtables, personal attendance is invaluable.

Make sure you set aside time to enjoy upcoming roundtables to learn similar tips and tricks from featured speakers who are experts in the field and also audience members who may have special knowledge in the topic covered.

See you at the next one!

Richard Bliss

Richard Bliss, Senior Executive Content Strategist at NetApp, manages the Executive Social Media strategy there.

He generates creative content to form compelling stories of engagement for the business audience with a business voice by blending traditional PR with dynamic social engagement. He is a regular contributor to

Richard is a crowdfunding expert and is the host of the podcast Funding the Dream.

Also known as an industry patent pioneer in the History of Technology, Richard has extensive experience in Social, Cloud, Collaboration, and Gaming, and executes marketing initiatives to meet specific revenue targets as well as building communities of customers and avid fans.

Richard is a published author: His book Stealing the Show: 9 BlissPoints to get your organization noticed is a collection of some of his most requested marketing advice.

Prior to NetApp, Richard was Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at GWAVA and then at Social Tech Media.

Richard is a graduate of Brigham Young University.