Roundtable: Becoming the Influential 1% on Social


What does being active on social media mean to you?

Amassing thousands of followers on Twitter? Maximizing connections on LinkedIn? What's your end game?

Ever wonder about how much time you sink into keeping social media going and how much ROI you're getting out of it?

What if there's a way you can control social media instead of it controlling you, such that you gain the coveted status of being in the 'influential 1%' club?

Want to discuss this with a cozy group of fellow aspirants?

In the kick-off session of our new and improved Roundtable series, Richard Bliss, Executive Social Strategy at NetApp, will discuss how being active on social is about becoming influential, with the tools to listen to the conversations going on in the Social world and learning to be a part of that conversation to wield influence and gain insights.

We will explore using Twitter and LinkedIn to build influence and be part of the Social experience. Richard will share his experience and guide the conversation to answer questions about why to use social and how to overcome the barriers that prevent each of us from being successful on these platforms.

BMA Roundtables are a smaller, more interactive venue to explore specific marketing disciplines. We feature leading speakers in a relaxed atmosphere with opportunity for audience participation.

Come join us and Richard for an interactive experience, sharing your experience, challenges and questions.

Becoming the
Influential 1% on Social

by Richard Bliss

Monday, April 18, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT)

Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop
750 W Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94041

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Richard Bliss

Richard Bliss, Senior Executive Content Strategist at NetApp, manages the Executive Social Media strategy there.

He generates creative content to form compelling stories of engagement for the business audience with a business voice by blending traditional PR with dynamic social engagement. He is a regular contributor to

Richard is a crowdfunding expert and is the host of the podcast Funding the Dream.

Also known as an industry patent pioneer in the History of Technology, Richard has extensive experience in Social, Cloud, Collaboration, and Gaming, and executes marketing initiatives to meet specific revenue targets as well as building communities of customers and avid fans.

Richard is a published author: His book Stealing the Show: 9 BlissPoints to get your organization noticed is a collection of some of his most requested marketing advice.

Prior to NetApp, Richard was Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at GWAVA and then at Social Tech Media.

Richard is a graduate of Brigham Young University.