Recap: Customer Experience Marketing


Lisa Nakano, Research Director at Sirius Decisions, addressed a NorCal audience on Customer Experience Marketing.

Starting with an understanding of what the term might mean, she went on to provide great insights into how companies can use customer experience in earning customer advocacy, the ultimate pay back for making this effort.

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Lisa Nakano

Lisa Nakano, Research Director and analyst at Sirius Decisions, specializes in customer experience. She is NetPromoterTM certified with deep knowledge of the methodology.

Lisa is a thought leader in customer experience and insights, with more than 20 years of experience working in global organizations, and with an emphasis on high-tech software, hardware and telecommunications sectors.

Lisa has developed a multidimensional understanding of customers, including cultural, sociological, behavioral and demographic analysis. She has created voice-of-the-customer programs which help address customer needs, wants, desires, expectations, conditions, context, and intentions.

Lisa has successfully led customer experience, customer insight and customer marketing initiatives designed to deepen knowledge of customers, increase loyalty and improve business results. She has particularly focused on developing ground-up programs and organizations to execute strategies to drive the voice of the customer deeply and broadly into organizations.

Lisa is a graduate of San Jose State University in San Jose, CA, with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing.

Check out Lisa's experience and accomplishments on her LinkedIn profile.