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Branding is all around us. What marketer can't relate to these slogans (hover over them for hints, just in case):

It's finger lickin' good.
Think big.
Think small.
When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.
The happiest place on earth.
Let your fingers do the walking.
I'm lovin it.
A diamond is forever.
Quality never goes out of style.
Just do it.
Good to the last drop.
It's everywhere you want to be.
Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
Reach out and touch someone.

These and other innumerable artifacts of branding are so familiar to us because we have grown up with them as consumers. These B2C companies have taken pains to develop these brands because we have responded to the brand's message and have shown loyalty to businesses that we like.

The question is, does this translate to B2B scenario? Should B2B companies bother with developing a brand of theirs to woo the businesses they target?

Randall Hull, founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Brand Ranch and a long-time branding specialist, will lead a roundtable discussion for a NorCal BMA audience on this very topic on July 25th.

Randall will offer that the answer is a resounding YES! Brand does matter in B2B.

This makes sense. B2B is P2P, as Randall puts it: Person-to-person. Businesses don't make purchasing decisions; people do. Branding is a way of life.

Yet, Randall reports that a number of B2B companies do not spend enough resources on developing a solid brand message.

Two of the top 10 brands from Forbes’ World’s Most Valuable Brands are B2B companies. Yet, market dynamics and social media have changed the way brands are built.

Randall will explore how data can be brought to life, value built, and connections made in the process of developing distinctive B2B brands.

Come join us for an engaging discussion and learn:
• How small data is a great tool for insights
• The role of storytelling in B2B brands
• Brand assets often overlooked

Bring your questions. Remember this is a roundtable where audience interaction is paramount in making it a lively and useful discussion.

Happy Hour format

This is part of the new roundtable series with a happy hour setting. Registration covers one drink ticket and appetizers.

There is ample time to network both before and after the presentation and discussion.

Located in the historic Mountain View Caltrain station with ample free parking nearby.

Wait, there's more...

101clichesEach attendee at the event will get their own copy of the book titled 101Cliches: B2B's most nototious creative faux pas, a brilliant and engaging expose on the safe path traveled by marketers in coming up steinias-logowith creative ideas. This is the brainchild of Reuben Webb, Creative Director at Stein IAS, in his search for creative excellence. This book comes to you with compliments from Stein IAS.

... and more!

AppleWatchIf the fabulous discussion of branding for the B2B marketer or the relaxing happy hour setting with a glass of wine or the book on 101 Cliches are not enough to pull you into the Savvy Cellar, you'll be downright tempted to take a crack at your chances of winning an Apple Watch, to be raffled
off among the attendees! Who knows, you may be the one to take home your new toy, offered courtesy of True Influence, a data-
driven True-Influence-Logotechnology company focusing on fact-based account marketing.

There you have it

We've had sell-out crowds for the past three roundtable events, and this may prove no different. Hurry up and make sure you secure your seat for this one, before they are all gone!

It's your turn to make sure to save the date, July 25, and register to attend the roundtable before your opportunity to win the watch dries up!

Becoming a Better B2B Brand

by Randall Hull

Monday, July 25, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PST)

Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop,
750 W Evelyn Ave, Mountain View, CA

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Randall Hull

Randall Hull is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Br@nd Ranch.

Randall will share insights and ideas gained from over three decades in advertising and marketing as well as engage us in discussions on B2B branding tips and tricks.

As the Chief Creative Officer at The Br@nd Ranch for over 20 years, Randall has developed consistent, compelling messages to target markets, strengthening and growing the brand.

In addition, Randall has been creative director or art director at a number of other companies like LVL Communications, 3Com, Apple, Supermac, and Renquist Associates.

More recently, Randall has been Consulting Creative Director/Brand Manager for MoCA, Multimedia over Coax Alliance.

Randall's credentials include a degree in commercial design.

Check out Randall's experience and accomplishments on his LinkedIn profile. You can also connect with him on a number of other social media channels: Google+ Twitter Facebook Behance Pinterest.


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Randall Hull on
Becoming a Better B2B Brand
July 25, 2016, 6:00-8:00 PM
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop
750 W Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, CA