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Breaking through with your CFO


Happy Hour Roundtable, December 10, 2018; 6:00-8:00 pm
Breaking through with your CFO
Andrew Nester, Nuix
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As a marketing leader, you have many stakeholders within your company that can help or hinder your marketing objectives. We often focus a lot on the CEO/Founder, but experience shows, the CEO/Founder is already a big advocate of Marketing, so much so your role is often to rein them in. The CFO, on the other hand is usually not predestined to be a marketing advocate. The CFO’s job is to be the ultimate pragmatist and demand everything must be measured daily if possible.

In the constant battle for budget and freedom to experiment with new and exciting branding or demand gen tactics, you must have the CFO in your corner or face a never-ending battle of red tape and obstruction. Contrary to common thought, your CFO can and should be a marketing advocate…once you start speaking the same language.

Join us to learn how:
1. CFOs can make or break your success as a Marketer
2. How to align with the objectives of your CFO when all of your metrics aren’t quantitative
3. How to turn your CFO into a marketing advocate

Speaker-led Discussion with:

Andrew Nester, CMO, Nuix. At the core, Andrew connects customers with Nuix by showcasing how their solutions help to solve the most difficult data challenges of today. Andrew oversees an integrated marketing team focused on demand generation, content creation, product & solution marketing, sales and channel partner enablement, event coordination, and public relations. Andrew is a B2B marketing veteran, having spent over 15 years working to bring numerous big data technologies to market. Before Nuix, Andrew ran marketing for GoGrid, a pioneering big data automation platform, where he launched the company's database orchestration engine and developed a demand model, which fueled the company's growth up until a profitable acquisition by Datapipe, Inc in 2015. Andrew also served in a senior advisory role with Capgemini Consulting on multiple product launches with Fortune 100 biotech and high tech companies and as product marketer overseeing the launch of Marsh Clearsight's SaaS product line. Andrew has an M.B.A. from the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and a B.A. from the University of Michigan.


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