Recap: Roundtable: 5 Steps to Successful Content Marketing for B2B Leads


We had another sell-out crowd! Our May event in the new and improved roundtable series followed right on the heels of our sell-out April opener.

Sarah Autrand led us through the nuances of content marketing as everyone settled into their happy hour seats, sipping on a glass of wine and tasting the variety of snacks.

A lively discussion ensued, as is expected in such intimate, small group, setting to encourage participation.

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This slideshow captures the ambience at the roundtable and gives you a sense of the interactive nature of the evening. Note that for getting the full benefit of the roundtables, personal attendance is invaluable.

Make sure you set aside time to enjoy upcoming roundtables to learn similar tips and tricks from featured speakers who are experts in the field and also audience members who may have special knowledge in the topic covered.

The next one in the series scheduled for June 20, discussing Big Data, is already sold out!

Check out info on our July roundtable event on branding and reserve your seats before they are all gone!!

Sarah Autrand

Sarah Autrand, Executive Marketing Consultant, is the Founder and past CEO of Market4Demand, Inc. a technology marketing consulting firm.

Sarah is no stranger to NorCal BMA: She was the featured speaker at a previous event in April 2013. She led a session on Mobile and B2B as part of NorCal BMA's previous roundtable series.

Sarah is a former President of the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association (SVAMA), post-graduate adjunct marketing professor at San Jose State University, and Interim VP of Marketing. She is a speaker, author, educator, and leader in Silicon Valley. Sarah's background includes work with top B2B brands.

Sarah has a long history with Sales and Marketing. She was Senior Marketing Strategist at Apollo Group, Director of Marketing at Pakana as well as Caligari, President at SellSoftware, in addition to her long association with Market4Demand.

Sarah has ghost-written many articles and white papers for CEOs and co-founders on a broad spectrum of topics.

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